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Green Man Twist

Soft serve ice cream, slushies and hotdogs in a park! What a great way to bring a diverse population together in centrally located Walnut Hills.  Green Man Twist is all about fostering unity and fun in our neighborhood, and among our employees and customers.

770 E. McMillan St.

Cincinnati, OH

Why Green Man Twist?

Soft Serve for Social Change

Green Man Twist is an attempt to bring people of all backgrounds together around something that almost anyone can afford and enjoy – quality frozen desserts. We hope to use Green Man Twist and Green Man Park to build community, or what is called Social Capital, which is “the growth of social trust, cooperation, and coordination built through interpersonal networks” (Robert Putnam). Fully non-profit owned, Green Man Twist is committed to using 100% of all profits in the community for entrepreneur training, affordable housing, education initiatives, etc. Through tasty desserts, good music, and warm hospitality we hope to address the challenge that one of our founders, R. H. Sweeten sums up as, “the problem is we just don’t know each other.” So enjoy the best ice cream in town, and maybe even get to know a neighbor!